GO Glocal, Inc.
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 Local Ministry: Tending The Turf                                                       Learn More
What We Do:
 Regional Ministry: Reaching the Region                                              Learn More
GO Glocal, Inc. is very concerned with bringing public awareness to the community regarding various situations plaguing some of its local residents. The general public seems unaware of some of these problems. Unfortunately, people with problems are often invisible. Additionally, there is a perceived lack of coordination and integration of services, which leads to gaps and overlaps in some instances. While there are many volunteers actively involved in many agencies and churches, there is no sort of centralized recruitment, training, or coordination to help meet the needs of the community.

It is the aim of GO Glocal, Inc. to coordinate “iServe” events where volunteers participate in reaching out to the elderly, children, widows, single parents, servicemen, disabled and/or anyone in need. Currently, GO Glocal works with local officials, organizations, churches, businesses, and residents to serve the people in real need to let them know that Jesus loves them. The dedication of everyone involved from the home owners to the volunteers makes it all happen. GO Glocal, Inc. not only revitalizes neighborhoods, but revitalizes HOPE!!!
It is the aim of GO Glocal, Inc. to reach out to people within the Gulf Coast region on an “i-GO Regional” weekend. A team will spend a weekend working to meet the physical needs of those with this region through construction, cleanup, lawn care, home maintenance, etc. By working together to meet the physical needs, an opportunity will be forged to show the love of Jesus and to share His hope within the Gulf Coast community. It is the desire of GO Glocal, Inc. to inspire those involved in these endeavors to replicate this process of reaching out.
 National Ministry: National Endeavor                                                 Learn More
It is the aim of GO Glocal, Inc. to partner with churches nationwide to share the love of Jesus in their respective communities. “i-GO National” will be short term missions within the continental US to team up with area churches, businesses and individuals to reach out to the needs of their respective communities.​  These trips will be typically about a week long and increase the magnitude of any one project.  We could be re-roofing a house, building a handicap ramp,  major renovations and everything else we do during regional trips. 
 Global Ministry: Mission Global                                                          Learn More
It is the aim of GO Glocal, Inc. to continue its work abroad, doing mission work reaching such groups as Indigenous Indians in Chiapas, Mexico. This population has little or no access to healthcare, no access to clean water, and is only partially reached by electricity. These areas suffer greatly from high infant mortality rates largely because of unclean water, unsanitary conditions, and smoke inhalation due to cooking on open fires in their homes.  

GO Glocal, Inc. has provided basic medical care to thousands of people, filled nearly 10,000 prescriptions, fitted almost a thousand people with prescription eyeglasses, ran numerous children’s programs, sponsored and installed dozens of water filters for schools and families.  Through displaying God's love in meeting physical needs, we have been able to share the gospel with thousands of people and seen God word not return void but produce a harvest of over a thousand souls for Jesus's name. Amen.