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Global Ministry: Mission Global
Chiapas, Mexico
Chiapas, the southernmost state of Mexico, is the poorest state in Mexico with most of the population living in rural 3rd world settings.  90% of the people do not have formal jobs, and those who do have an average daily income of less than $2. This population has little to no access to health care, no access to clean water, and is only partially reached by electricity.
Our Mission is to reach the indigenous people groups who have lived in their current villages for over 2000 years and make up a population of over 900,000.  
Our goal is to share God's love and help to improve their quality of life through evangelism, Bible training, installing water purification systems,  and medical care.
Medical Missions: 
The Problem: 
  • Chiapas has the least developed healthcare system in Mexico
  • Average 1 doctor to 1000 inhabitants
  • Most indigenous people have little to no access to medical help
The Solution:
  • Bring medical personnel, a support team, and thousands of prescriptions medications to treat the hurting people of Chiapas​

Every year GO Glocal, Inc. leads teams to Chiapas providing medical care to hundreds of villagers and filling over 1000 prescriptions​.
Water Filters:
The Problem: 
  • Water systems and wells in most regions of Chiapas are infested with deadly viruses and amoebas.
The Solution:
  • Our goal is to install water filters in schools, orphanages, churches and homes of large families  to provide clean water for drinking and cooking. 
  • Each filter can provide up to 30 gallons of clean drinking water daily and can last more than twenty years. 

GO Glocal, Inc. raises money for this project year round and has so far sponsored and installed hundreds of water filters for schools and families in Chiapas. 
Children's Ministry:
Children's programs are run daily on mission trips. These programs use games, songs, stories, crafts, skits, and many other creative methods to share the Gospel with the children.  

Over the past eleven years, GO Glocal, Inc. has run dozens of children's ministry programs in Chiapas and seen hundreds of children accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
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Short Term Mission Opportunity:
Our next Chiapas mission is scheduled for the May 31 departure and June 9 return.
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