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National Ministry:  National Endeavor
National Endeavor is where we partner with churches, organizations, businesses and local officials of another community, more than a few hours drive for us, for a week of outreach and service. This partnership is designed such that our team will come along side their team and encourage them and help them in a collaborated effort to minister to the needs of the people of their community.
This is what it looks like as we partner with another church or organization outside our region: our team will travel on Monday or Tuesday and arrive at the destination that evening. We meet and greet the hosting teams and review details of the week long outreach. Housing arrangement may vary. We will partner with churches and organizations daily for the remainder of the week, going out into the community to serve the needs of people in Jesus's name.
This is an exciting, fulfilling week that is designed to be as economical as possible. People who have served in one or more Reaching the Region events are eligible to attend a National Endeavor event. Contact us for more information about these national week events.
Because we can have several days to devote to one community, we can take on home projects of greater size like roof repair/replace, building a handicap ramp, major construction/renovation, whole house painting as well as smaller things such as cutting and cleaning an overgrown yard, repairing steps or handrails, cleaning weeds out of a fence, trimming low lying branches or limbs touching a roof, cleaning leaves off a roof, pressure washing a badly mildewed house, filling a pothole in a driveway, installing handicap bars, changing light bulbs, fixtures, batteries in smoke detectors, and many household and handyman task and, of course, food prep teams for meals; and whatever other needs may be. All projects will have been pre-selected and necessary materials on sight.

We will invite those who we ministered to and any we have come in contact with for a Saturday evening cookout hosted by the church, organization  or business and/or a Sunday morning special service for children like a Sidewalk Sunday or a Sunday VBS program. The cookout will be a fun time to meet new people and build relationships and focus mostly on adults and families of the community, while the Sunday morning will focus mostly on the children of the community. Sunday afternoon we will experience something fun and unique to the area. Monday we will return home.