GO Glocal, Inc.
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Local Ministry: Tending The Turf
The Local work being done by GO Glocal, Inc. will assist in connecting needs in the community to those who can fulfill the needs. The programs will focus on community service, seniors, juvenile, and youth.
Upper Room Student Ministry: (Youth)
GO Glocal, Inc. uses this branch of the program to reach at-risk youth through non-denominational, Christian-based teachings and philosophies.
GOlden Years: (Seniors)
GO Glocal, Inc. goes to various nursing homes, retirement communities, and assisted living facilities in order to promote social interaction for seniors through arts and crafts, gardening, reading, music, games, and other creative methods.
iServe: (Community Service) 
GO GLocal, Inc. plans to use this branch of the program to promote community awareness and unity. Our volunteers will encourage residents to help with revitalizing our communities by improving homes, parks, and public facilities. The homes to be repaired will be owned by low income families, senior citizens, mobility impaired residents, and those with special physical needs by making homes handicap accessible, pressure washing and/or painting homes, basic home maintenance and minor repairs, and any other feature attention to ensure safe dwellings for residents.
GOals, Etc.: (Juvenile)
GO Glocal, Inc. plans to assist with community mandated service hours, with the goal of reducing recidivism within our youth. This branch of the program will be used to promote vocational skills training in carpentry, woodworking, landscaping, home appliance repair, and small engine repair. These skills will then lead to better job opportunities and a stronger, more productive community.

Making repairs to a community senior center
Evangelism and discipleship training for youth
Training youth on safety and proper pressure washing techniques
Crafting with elderly at a retirement home
ReNew Mission Center
The "Thrift store that gives back to the community."
God, in His infinite wisdom, has blessed us with a unique community connection.  ReNew receives donations of all kinds and uses them to bless people in need and raise money for blessing more people in need. ReNew is 100% volunteer run and 100% of the proceeds go back into communities to help those in need.